Application Guidelines


All non-English documents must be accompanied by certified English translations. Photocopies of original documents on which English language translations are based must accompany the application. All photocopies become our property.


We reserve the right to request original documents for verification purposes. Such documents will be returned if payment for copying and return postage ($10 return document fee) is received. We reserve the right to verify documents with issuing institution (s) and/or request that a credential be issued in English if the issuing institution prepares English language credentials.


In case of incomplete documentation or information, applicants will be notified by mail. An evaluation report will be prepared ONLY after all supporting materials have been submitted to our satisfaction. Diplomas and titles are required for a course-by-course and document-by-document evaluation.


For translation of your documents by a professional translator, please make appropriate choice from the menu bar to your left.We translate documents from over 150 languages.  Our translators are experienced professionals.  They will translate your documents to your full satisfaction.


When it has been determined than ANY documents submitted has been forged, altered, or falsified in any way, the application will be canceled and no evaluation report will be prepared, and no refund will be made.  All recipients indicated on the application will be notified.


Standard processing time to prepare reports is two weeks from the receipt of all required documents, fees, and information, unless special research is required. Turnaround time for rush service is either twenty-four (24) or seventy-two (72) hours (based on service requested) from receipt of all required documents, fees, and information, unless special research is required. If special research is required, and the evaluation cannot be completed in 24 hours, the applicant will be notified. The report will be completed as soon as a thorough and professional evaluation can be prepared.